Best Wedding Photographer, Sydneys best wedding photographer, Award winning photographer.

All phrases I hear and see constantly in advertising all over the world.

So how much credence should you put on this and is it important when making your decision for your big day?

When looking for your wedding photographer I personally thinks choosing your photographer should come down to four things. The last of which is reputation.
  • Images: this is what you are paying us for. Look over the galleries and determine if their style is what you like. you can determine a lot from looking at past weddings and their galleries.
  • Personality: Talk to your photographer, phone, video chat or in person. I cant stress how important it is to have a photographer who you get along with. They can be notoriously rude and pushy with couples and who needs that on their big day. Check their reviews from couples as well.
  • Price: Dont book just based on a low price, look at the above and if they fit then checkout the pricing. Remember you can make payments with some photographers, like us, which spreads the cost out.
  • Reputation: This is where “best photographer” comes into it. Checkout the photographers client feedback and other details. I always feel that “best Photographer” is really subjective and should be based on your own judgement gathered from information above not just a website banner.
These are naturally my own views and other photographers may disagree but from the hundreds of weddings I have photographed this is what I have found.
You should get amazing photos at a reasonable price and have fun on your day.
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