Kate and Patrick’s Long Reef Golf Club Wedding

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Kate and Patricks Wedding at Long Reef Golf Club

Another amazing referral couple who chose to have their wedding at the incredible Sydney Wedding Venue,  Long Reef Golf Club. The Sun was out and it was a stunning day for a wedding and wedding photography.

We hit the course and the beach for some incredible sunset wedding shots then back to the club where the party kicked off.

Thanks for inviting us to come play.


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Lili and Stephens Sydney Wedding

waterview sydney

Lili and Stephen were married and the Engadine Baptist Church.

We then headed to Bicentennial park for the bridal party photos and a quick walk over to the Waterview in Bicentennial park for the celebration.

I love getting referral weddings, which means we are doing something right for a guest at a past wedding to book us. 

Thanks guys.

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Nat and Johns Sydney Harbour Wedding

Wedding Photography Sydney

Nat and John Sydney Harbour Wedding.

Such an amazing couple! Stunning day and location.

Wedding was held a Mary Booth lookout reserve then we headed to Dawes point and the Sydney Harbour Bridge City side for their wedding pics.

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Laura and Mikes Wedding

Stunning Bride

Laura and Mikes Wedding at Manly Point Reserve.

We had a ball at this wedding. Such an awesome couple with love just all over the place. The big sun was out as we headed for Little Collins Flat beach for photos then to Orso for the party.
Thanks so much for inviting us to come play.
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Alex and James’s Wedding

Sydney Wedding

Alex and James’s Sydney Harbour Wedding

This amazing couple got ready at the stunning QT Hotel in Sydney. Then a short hop to the Rockery Lawn at the Sydney Botanical Gardens for their intimate family wedding.

Sydney Harbour was the backdrop for their ceremony and photos with the Opera House sneaking a peek in occasionally.

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Best Wedding Photographer

Best Wedding Photographer, Sydneys best wedding photographer, Award winning photographer.

All phrases I hear and see constantly in advertising all over the world.

So how much credence should you put on this and is it important when making your decision for your big day?

When looking for your wedding photographer I personally thinks choosing your photographer should come down to four things. The last of which is reputation.
  • Images: this is what you are paying us for. Look over the galleries and determine if their style is what you like. you can determine a lot from looking at past weddings and their galleries.
  • Personality: Talk to your photographer, phone, video chat or in person. I cant stress how important it is to have a photographer who you get along with. They can be notoriously rude and pushy with couples and who needs that on their big day. Check their reviews from couples as well.
  • Price: Dont book just based on a low price, look at the above and if they fit then checkout the pricing. Remember you can make payments with some photographers, like us, which spreads the cost out.
  • Reputation: This is where “best photographer” comes into it. Checkout the photographers client feedback and other details. I always feel that “best Photographer” is really subjective and should be based on your own judgement gathered from information above not just a website banner.
These are naturally my own views and other photographers may disagree but from the hundreds of weddings I have photographed this is what I have found.
You should get amazing photos at a reasonable price and have fun on your day.
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How to Stream your Wedding – Tips and Tricks.

Whether you are getting hitched in a far-flung location or have guests who simply can’t make the trip, there are many reasons why some of your inner circle may not be there in person when you tie the knot. The good news is, thanks to technology, there may be a way to have your nearest and dearest view the wedding live without being there physically: setting up a live stream for your wedding.

Before you cue up the camera, though, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Read ahead for what you need to know about streaming your wedding live.

Tips and Suggestions:

Streaming your Wedding

Designate someone to look after the camera
Test the internet connection well before. Remember you can hotspot a mobile phone if you need to and some service providers have better coverage than others
Ensure the venue is good with streaming, some even offer this as a service now.
Make sure your photographer is also happy with the camera/phone location.
Keep your event link private (your guests only), not a public link

Why Couples Live Stream

In a word, COVID-19. Additionally Hashtags, photo booths, and drone photography have already proven that tech is making its mark on weddings, so it’s natural that live streaming has become a thing, too. “We first saw its significant increase in corporate events, but now with COVID its simply exploded for weddings,”  It can come into play when family members are ill and can’t travel to the venue, can’t afford to attend, or are otherwise tied up. 


Where to go and who to use?

Videographers are expensive, especially if you are just wanting them for your 20 minute ceremony.
Live streaming can usually be achieved easily using one of the following, but not limited to sources.
Facebook Live Stream
Google Hangouts

Each of these can even record your video so you can save it for later.

There are many many more and with the Pandemic more added every day.

We suggest you test each one to see whats best for your event.

Gina and Andrea’s wedding at Dunbar House

Gina and Andrea’s Wedding at Dunbar House

married out the front of Dunbar House under the big fig tree and overlooking Watsons bay. Stunning location and amazing venue.
Dunbar House wedding
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Erin and Bens Wedding at Bushfield Farm

bushfield farm wedding

Erin & Ben’s Wedding at Bushfield Farm

Always love photographing such a unique wedding and location. These guys were so much fun and up for anyidea we had. Thanks so much for inviting us to come play.

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Origins of Popular Wedding Traditions.

Origins of Popular Wedding Traditions.

Why is the bride requiring something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue? Why does the groom toss the garter into a crowd of men, and why is a wedding cake so important? Nearly every aspect of a wedding has some sort of significance behind it, and we have been busy finding the origins behind some of the most popular wedding traditions to help give you a little perspective.


While fashions have changed throughout the years, bridal gowns often reflect traditions and customs of times past…It wasn’t until Queen Victoria of England wore a white gown on her wedding day in 1840 that the white wedding dress we know today became popular.

Wedding veil
​wedding photographer near me


Arranged marriages are often cited when discussing the origin of the wedding veil. When daughters were considered a commodity to their family, a marriage was a way of sealing agreements between families and increasing assets. A Bride and Groom would likely meet for the first time on their wedding day, at the altar. The veil was used to obscure the bride’s features, only being lifted after the marriage ceremony was completed. This was to keep the groom from backing out from the deal if he didn’t like what he saw.

Some historians say that Ancient Romans were the first to incorporate the veil into the wedding ceremony, believing the bride may attract evil spirits on her important day. The veil was used to cover the bride’s face in order to protect her from evil spirits who were jealous of her happiness and seeking to disrupt the union.

In the modern day the veil has come to signify the bride’s virtue.

Or it’s just a fabulous accessory.


The custom of flower bouquets has its origin in ancient times. Women carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits. It was also believed to be preventive measure in contracting the plague. In modern days it is generally accepted that the bride chooses a flower arrangement that she likes or matches her wedding theme.

bridal bouquet
braidsmaid tradition


The tradition of bridesmaids have a similar past rooted in superstition. In the past, a bride’s attendants dressed similar to the bride to confuse and distract evil spirits trying to spoil the bride’s happiness.


The “best” in best man once referred to the quality of a man’s swordsmanship. When weddings were used as a business transaction rather than a union of love, the groom needed a good swordsman to help either retrieve a run-away bride or fend off a bride’s angry family that may not approve of the union.

best man
old new borrowed blue


Something Old:
Represents the ties to the bride’s family and her past
Something New:
Represents a life to come with her husband
Something Borrowed:
Must be an item from someone who is in a successful marriage to pass on the “good luck.”
Something Blue:
Stands for faithfulness, loyalty and purity.


The ring bearer’s pillow symbolizes the promises of the dreams you have while sleeping, coming true. A small child is typically asked to carry the pillow which symbolizes innocence, the future and new beginnings.

ring bearer pillow
Wedding Cake


The wedding cake has been a component of weddings since medieval times. Originally cakes were made of wheat which was a symbol of fertility and prosperity. As a relic of once performed fertility rites, these ‘wedding cakes’ would have been thrown at the bride.
The once simple wedding cake has evolved into a multi-tiered extravaganza. The color of the cake is typically white, symbolizing purity. The joint task of the Bride and Groom cutting the cake was meant to symbolize their first joint task in married life. The gesture of feeding cake to each other is a symbol of the commitment the bride and groom are making.


Engagement bands began in ancient Egypt with the circle symbolizing a never ending cycle and the space inside it as a gateway. The addition of a diamond was made popular by Sicilians who believed the stone was forged by the fires of love.
Why the fourth finger on the left hand? The placement of the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand stems from Ancient Greece. It was believed that the “ring” finger contained a vein which leads straight to the heart. This vein was known as the ‘vena amoris’ or the vein of love.

Wedding Ring
garter toss


This tradition originated in England and France. Guests would try to obtain a piece of the bride’s dress for good luck, which often left the bride nervous and tense throughout the entire ceremony in anticipation of her dress being ripped to shreds by the eager mob of wedding guests. To pacify the crowd and ease the bride’s mind, the groom began tossing out a piece of the bride’s wedding attire to distract the guests as the newlyweds made a quick escape from the reception.


This custom of carrying a bride over the threshold of their new home came from Medieval Europe with the belief that the bride was vulnerable to evil spirits through her feet. To prevent evil spirits from entering the house which may be lingering at the threshold, the groom would carry her into their new home. These days, it’s just fun!

threshold carry
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