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One of the most stressful aspects of wedding planning is shopping for a photographer because of how important the task is. This will make you ask questions like how can I get a wedding photographer near me? 

You must ask the right questions after you have narrowed down vendors who can produce the style of pictures you envision for your wedding. After you have done that, you should focus on the wedding photography packages that they offer.

A typical wedding photography package includes a pre-wedding consultation, a minimum number of digital photos, an online wedding gallery, and prints. 

A few other factors will influence how you choose the best photography package, such as the style you want to achieve and your budget.

What should the right Wedding Photography Package include?

As a first step, you should know that all wedding photography packages are not the same. A photographer’s shooting and editing time is covered in some packages, while products and additional services are charged separately. 

In addition to printed products, photographers can provide planning assistance, photobooths, travel, and/or engagement sessions – it all depends on what services they offer. Keep in mind that you may have to pay sales tax if you are receiving any printed products. 

When you purchase a wedding photography package that includes a set number of hours, you are assured that there will be no gaps in your coverage – even if you don’t need photography during a particular time.

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A typical wedding photography package should include:

1. Count of events to be captured

The first thing you need to discuss is the number of events they need to be covered. It can also be divided into the number of days.

A few of the wedding ceremonies last for a long time and the client asks you to cover all the events. Before signing any contract, consider discussing the events in detail.

2. Number of photographers at the wedding

Second shooters are often hired by wedding photographers to capture the details of the events. Offering a good price to the client for delivering more in less time is also a value-added service.

There should be several additional photographers assisting you with the wedding shoot included in the wedding photography contract. A second shooter can be added or removed depending on the needs of your client.

3. Duration of the shoot

The number of hours should be discussed for each event you sign up to shoot. You are expected to be available throughout the day. 

4. Travel and accommodations for destination weddings

Travelling wedding ceremonies are far more exciting than those that do not. All expenses must be paid by your client. To make sure that flights and accommodations are discussed ahead of time, it is recommended to do so.

5. A pre-wedding photoshoot

A pre-wedding photo session may be included. A pre-wedding photo session typically takes place months before the wedding. Engagement photos are also sometimes called pre-weddings. You and your photographer get to know each other on a play shoot.

6. Pricing and deposits 

A photographer’s package should include all the services he or she provides. The price, whether GST is included or not, should be presented. Additionally, it should explain how much of a deposit is required to secure a booking, and when the full package price must be paid. The amount varies from country to country. 

7. A gallery online

Many photographers will give you access to your password-protected online gallery, which you can share with friends and family. You and your relatives can often purchase prints from this gallery at prices set by the photographer.

8. A wedding album

Wedding albums might be included. Since there are so many album suppliers, it is also difficult to compare.

You might receive a framed wedding photo or a canvas picture to hang on your wall. You should see the size of the frame or canvas (or other product) as well as the anticipated delivery date.

The album might include a preview book, which displays all edited photographs in an inexpensive book. 

9. Wedding website

You might choose to create your wedding website with a photographer. You can access it between a few months before your wedding and five months afterwards. Among other things, he or she can provide information about your wedding locations, maps, and accommodations.

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What is the amount of time I will need for wedding photography coverage?

As many hours as you can afford should be included in the package. When you look back at your wedding photos, you’ll never wish your photographer had taken fewer shots. 

A 10-12 hour Sydney wedding photography package is ideal for pictures of pre-wedding festivities, intimate family moments, gift exchanges, candid moments as the bride and groom get ready family/bridal party/wedding portraits, and the entire wedding ceremony as well as the reception. 

A typical affordable wedding photography package will include 8 hours of coverage. With 8 hours, there will be plenty of time for candid photos, formal wedding photos, wedding highlights, and the entire ceremony.

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What are some ways to tell if a wedding photographer is right for you?

When choosing a wedding photographer, make sure that your personalities match (aside from loving their work). The more comfortable you are in front of the camera, the more you will connect with the person behind it. 

You should ask yourself, “Can I see myself spending all day with this person?” (Because they’ll be right next to you!) Your photographer will capture more of the things that matter most if you are close to them. 


Wedding photographers offer so many different services, and each of them has their style. You will need to choose the best budget wedding photography package based on the style you want, your budget, and a few other factors.

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