Want to Avoid the Stress of this on your Wedding Day?

Wedding Photography Wet Weather Woes?

We have you covered!

some Bridal photos in the rain can look amazing,

but, having your whole bridal shoot and wedding washed out by rain is one of the biggest stresses couples face on their day. Very few couples want just indoor photos. 

Having spent so much time and money to get the perfect look and have the weather wash all that away can be more than disheartening. 

At Dreams Photography we understand this stress and feel your anguish and disappointment at missing out on all those wedding photos you were looking forward to for months leading up to your wedding. If you want to avoid the stress of this on your wedding day, we have the solution.
We want you to have those photos you longed for, those memories that you will treasure for a lifetime and pass on to your kids and their kids.

I have considered how we can help and eliminate this stress which can go on for months leading up to your day and have decided to include a “Wet Weather Washout” add-on to our wedding photography offering.

If you decided you wanted your photos elsewhere after being washed out, that's perfectly ok, we will accommodate that as long as its in the same general area, not move it to Fiji.
You will get a full bridal shoot for the time of photography you had free between your ceremony and the start of reception, no quibbles.
If you want your entire bridal party or make it just you two, that's all perfectly ok, its totally your choice.

This insurance only covers your photography, videography and any other fees that may be incurred like venue time will be paid by the couple however we feel for this small fee to get those lifetime memories you were after, is a small price to pay. We have even seen some venues provide their locations free to washed-out couples. "Hey good portfolio images boost their venue far more than simple indoor ones."

We are offering this to all existing and new couples and dates are subject to availability.

At Dreams Photography, we hope this will ease your mind and provide you security around your wedding photos. 

For a nominal fee of $100 we will come back and re-shoot your entire bridal photography for you on a date we are both available!

This sort of service would usually cost in excess of $600 based on current rates and we feel it will help reduce the stress of your day. “oh its raining, that's ok, with Dreams Photography we get a do-over and get our photos we really deserved”

We are currently the only Wedding photographers that offer this type of consideration for our couples.