Sydney Wedding Photography Packages

Entrust the task of capturing your wedding day to the experts in wedding photography. 

Being Sydney locals ourselves, we have a deep appreciation for the beauty that radiates from every bride. Allow us to preserve those cherished memories for a lifetime while providing an affordable wedding photographer.

Capture the beauty of your wedding day through the lens of expert photographers who know Sydney inside and out. 
Our team brings an artistic eye to immortalise the profound joy between bride and groom on their special celebration.

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Brilliant & Trendsetting Wedding Photographer In Sydney  

Your wedding day is one of the most special events in your lifetime as it tells a one-of-a-kind story that will be engraved in your memory forever. As a seasoned Sydney Wedding photographer, we are capable of visually capturing your union in marriage and illustrating a unique love story with instinctive shots taken during your wedding day. Embrace our brilliant and artistic wedding photography services and seize your special wedding moments with photos that you will pleasantly look at and reminisce about the occasion for a lifetime. 

From mesmerizing angles of wedding gowns, tailored suits, lacy pattern bodices, exquisite floral decorations and lush table showcases to shots of smiles, tears of happiness, and joyful moments taken at the perfect time, your wedding photo album will be a brilliant reflection of your love story and happy festive moments shared with your friends and loved ones. 

As top-rated Sydney Wedding Photographers with an incredibly rich portfolio, we offer a broad array of wedding photography services and special packages that suit your needs, likes, and budget. All our packages feature two consultations before your special day. Please take a few minutes to check our broad range of wedding packages and don’t hesitate to communicate with us for more information or the creation of a custom package to get the special attention and exposure you desire for your wedding day. 

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Wedding Photoshoot Sydney – Book Us Now!

Being Sydney locals, we know all the incredible wedding spots and magical scenery that the Sydney area offers. Our expert team of wedding photographers providing premium wedding photoshoots in Sydney is ready to help you choose the perfect photo backgrounds based on your wedding theme and style and showcase all these small and natural moments that make your wedding day extra special. We are proud to be recognised in Sydney and beyond as one of the best Sydney wedding photographers with numerous awards and client testimonials attesting to the quality of our wedding photography service. We are a small team of photographers, each with their own expertise and creative talents, but all with a deep understanding of how wedding photography should be--which is not an easy task by any means. A stellar wedding shoot is something that requires passion, love, artistic flair, a keen eye for detail, and awareness of both classic approaches as well as new trends. We acknowledge that you and your future spouse should be aware of all the details that are part of your wedding day shoot--from the lighting settings to placements and angles that will be most flattering and pleasant to you on your big day. At the same time, we’ll do our best to make you feel at ease during the big day so you can enjoy your special moments without any stress or worries--after all, you deserve to live the moment as happily as possible. 

We are honoured to be voted as one of the top 5 wedding photographers in Sydney with a wealth of experience worldwide and working with the most renowned wedding venues in Sydney, Sydney Central Coast and nearby areas such as Hunter Valley, Newcastle, and Brisbane. We have offered wedding photography and cinematography services on various occasions and several popular wedding venues in Sydney and nearby regions--from waterfront venues to lush green parks and gardens, impressive grand halls, historical landmarks, and rustic old-town houses. Whatever your wedding venue choice is, we are ready to highlight your special moments against a stunning and idyllic background, synthesising visuals that are mesmerising from every angle and point you look at. 

Your wedding day is not just a ceremony-- it is an opportunity to celebrate the loving union between you and your chosen one. At Dreams Photography, we affirm that your wedding pictures and videos should express your story from the fateful moment you met each other to the final dance and festive moments of your wedding.  

Our wedding photographers and cinematographers are ready to capture all the priceless and unforgettable moments of your big day that synthesise your unique story as a couple. 

We possess the skills, expertise, and creative talent to seize all the subtle and valuable moments naturally and beautifully during your wedding day. You leave the hard task of covering your wedding day at our hands while relaxing and enjoying your special event. 

The Wedding Album Of Your Dreams

Each wedding and bond is unique and special, just like the couple themselves. Thus, we take into account all your individual needs, desires, styles, and preferences so we can provide exceptional wedding photographs and services that are truly YOURS. 

Explore our broad collection of wedding photography and cinematography packages or contact us for a more custom package that fits your preferences. We are creatively flexible and ready to adjust our style to yours when we shoot weddings. This ability has made us one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in Sydney, with the honour of having photographed couples of varying ethnicities, customs, and social backgrounds. 

Our wedding photography approach is tasteful, creative, and trendsetting and you can get an idea by checking out our wedding portfolio. In addition to offering wedding photography services in Sydney, we also offer wedding photography and cinematography services in Newcastle and Brisbane. 

Wedding Pictures For Full Coverage of Your Special Day

At Dreams Photography (Sydney), we thoughtfully combine classic and natural/random wedding pictures that showcase your festive moments and lock your memories for life.

We have wedding photography packages from 3 hours to all day wedding packages.

Our premium wedding photographer will strive to cover as much of your big day as possible so you are left with a full and rich record of your wedding time--from wedding preparations to venue celebrations and in-between. 

Expert, Award-winning Wedding Photography In Sydney

Dreams Photography is a recognised and reputed team of wedding photographers with several happy clients who also refer our work to others. 

We currently cover Sydney, Newcastle, and Brisbane areas. 

Our skilled team of professional wedding photographers and videographers has a stellar reputation and is renowned for covering several weddings throughout the city of Sydney and nearby regions, with thorough local awareness of iconic landmarks and idyllic backgrounds. If you are unsure which wedding location you choose, we can offer suggestions based on your taste, style, and preferences. 

Also, if you are looking for wedding photography in Newcastle or wedding photographers in Brisbane, we got you covered too!

Sydney Wedding Photography Service Packages & Prices

Our basic wedding photography packages start from $995 whereas our premium cinematography packages start from $1195. Our broad range of packages includes pre-wedding shoots, full-day coverage packages, and wedding ceremony and reception packages. We also offer tailored wedding photography packages and combo packages (photos and video)based on your preferences.

Feel free to reach out to us for a special tailored or combo package if you wish to get both photo and video recording services. 

Top Wedding Photographers in Sydney, Newcastle, & Brisbane. 

Whether you are planning for a large and open wedding against a mesmerising urban background in the city of Sydney, a historical landmark, or an intimate and small wedding ceremony at a picturesque suburban chapel, our Sydney wedding photography team will ensure that all your happy moments are captured beautifully throughout your wedding day. 
Capturing Beautiful & Special Moments
As an award-winning wedding photographer in Sydney with global recognition, we honour our creative talents and passion to capture your special day moments on a film, not just for mere coverage but to reflect the true essence, lovely bond, and festive spirit of the day. You can rely on us to deliver wedding photography and videos of premium quality that showcase your special love story as well as the joyful moments of your loved ones. 

We at Dreams Photography go beyond just being professional wedding photographers and videographers in Sydney. We are truly masters and artists of the craft with the ability to capture all these natural and innocent moments such as sneaky glances, flashing smiles, and the magnitude of the emotions of both the bride and the groom as shown in their facial expressions and body language. Our keen eye for detail and ability to pinpoint and capture natural shots in flattering lighting conditions and angles implies that your wedding album will not be just a random collection of photos and videos but a loving fairytale and story you will reminisce about for years. 

When looking for the best wedding photography and videography in Sydney, we acknowledge that you are looking for someone truly talented, experienced, and reliable enough to capture your special moments on film. 

If you are looking for something extraordinary and magical, our premium wedding cinematography in Sydney packages are a great option. We are committed to ensuring we all have clear expectations from each other so we can offer you captivating visuals that you will cherish for the years to come. Contact Dreams Photography Team in Sydney for an initial consultation and discuss the ways we can work together to make your special day a day to remember by capturing all your special moments, scenery, and all the wonderful guests that take part in your big day. 

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