Being a Wedding Photographer in two amazing cities is a dream come true.

Its been a lot of hard work and suffering at times for me and my family however nothing good comes without some sacrifices.
It’s such a challenging job and each day is different, every couple and every venue. This is where years of experience helps me to adapt quickly to whatever is thrown at me and my crew.
Wedding photographers in the eyes of other photographers can be a bit of a lesser breed however having been on both sides of the photography fence it’s totally unjustified.
You need to be a Portrait photographer, for the people, a Product photographer, for the rings, shoes, dress, cake etc. A Realestate photographer, for the venues, and Music/Event photographer for the Reception and a Studio photographer to grasp lighting challenges and meet them in every one of the above scenario’s.
I’m always surprised when I hear couples haven’t booked a wedding photographer for their Sydney wedding. All that hard work in arranging dresses, rings, suits, invites, flowers, cake, hair and makeup not to mention the huge family get together, after party and you are probably looking the best you ever have!
For just a couple of thousand dollars, you can save those memories forever, for your kids and theirs.
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